Friday, April 27, 2007

One thing after another....

New injury - something around the area of the left shoulder blade...I woke up the other morning and it made its presence know, I don't know where it came from??? The rest of my self is on the mend, but the right glute is still out of sorts. One thing after another after another....

Tonight I changed up on my bench teqnique a bit. I'm making a consious effort to decend slower, so when I get to the bottom stopping isn't such a shock, then I won't feel I have to gather up and sink the bar into my chest - yep, that's what I do on the platform. People have been telling me I relax at the bottom, and I have been wondering what the heck they are talking about, because I know that I don't "relax", however it does look like it as I am regrouping and sinking the bar into my chest. My benching was fine this evening, even all beat up and sleepy.
Some day I will get it right on the platform.

Since I am technically in bodybuilding mode now, we played pre-exhaustion on our legs the other night. I hated that. 2 kinds of leg curls and leg extensions before we even made it over to the leg press... then we finished off with something I DO like. One legged lunges on the Hammer Strength deadlift machine. Those are so awfully gruelingly good.
I was back up to 171 last night. B thinks we can get me to step on stage in the low 160's in July...yikes! The judges will never like me, so I may as well do whatever I like as far as bringing a physique to the stage.

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JC said...

just be huge!!!

i know i love that!