Wednesday, April 18, 2007

he's magic!!!

He is magic - Broderick I am speaking of. I have been to a couple of chiropractors on a very regular basis for going on six years now, since I slipped a disc. He's better than both of them combined.
He has been "adjusting" me daily since I screwed my back on Saturday morning. I believe he has analyzed the situation correctly and we have a plan. I went into the gym to have my daily adjustment this evening. I picked just the bar off the squat rack to test squat so we could analyze where I was at. It was painful and very uncomfortable no matter what foot position I took. I really had no hope whatsoever for squatting this weekend. At the end of his workout, he worked on me~dug his magic fingers and elbows in and assessed my position. I went back to the squat bar and tried squatting again. I now have HOPE!! Miracles do happen. Three hours later and I can still squat down and feel no pain.
How blessed I am to have someone who will actually take the time and care and want to fix me?!!
He has explained to me that the problem is that my hip flexors are imbalanced in strength compared to my glutes and back and thighs...we did some grueling (yes, GRUELING) exercises this evening to start to help to combat the situation.
Will I squat this weekend? I am going to go into it as if I am. I will warm up, and assess my position. I am looking positively at squatting on Saturday.
Bench? Heck, it's still not where it was a couple of months ago, but I will try.
Deadlift? I have a feeling that I will be too scared after what happened last weekend. Fear is a killer. I have fear. If I can possibly release the fear, or at least numb myself to it, it's a go.
Those are my plans, but don't expect anything.


JC said...

Well, regardless, glad you are feeling improvement and have ID'd the problem to correct it for the future!!

Christine said...

I have a love affair with my chiro as well. He's the only one that can keep me fixed.

Kate Baird said...

Broderick is not a chiropractor, but he should be one, because he has healing powers. His philosophy starts with the alignment of the hips, rather than the spine. The results on me speak for his proficiency loudly!