Saturday, April 14, 2007


I strained my back pretty bad this morning..deadlifting. Not enough warming up is my educated guess. It's not "out", but manuevering around is difficult...and painful. I jumped from 315 for only two warmup reps right to 405, which I did lock out, but I definitely need to throw a 365 in there, maybe even two, and some warmup pull downs and db rows or something of the sort to begin with. I will be ok for the meet, I am sure, but methinks today and tomorrow are going to be void of much movement on my part. :( The rest of the workout was so-so. We didn't move all that fast through it, because the guys were helping Bill Lewis break in his new bench shirt, which tore down the center when he attempted a 585. That sucks, because he has a meet next weekend. Bill has the potential to be one of the best benchers anywhere...we all can't wait for the day when he realizes his potential.
I couldn't shrug after the pulling of the back. However, I was able to do prone rows on the machine, and v grip pulldowns.
Paul got some kettle bells in for the gym. I adore kettle bells. Couple of sets of regular speed biceps curls with those, then the last set was a super slllllllooooww one, and the kettle bells were just God-awful for those...awful in the best way!!! Then B had GW and I on the preacher bench where he applied constant resistance for two sets....awful, they were simply awful.
Donkey calves really made my calves swell today.

Didn't attain the 175 lb. goal - missed it by half a pound. I must begin the diet today to get to 165 for the meet next week.
Now it's hot bath and rest time.....


JC said...

Ouch. Take care of that back! Do any stretching afterward?

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