Thursday, April 12, 2007


So what was I doing in Phoenix???? Lasik eye surgery. Why fly all the way to Phoenix from Delaware for the procedure? I have a prerequisite that my eye surgeon be handsome and personable. Oh, and he is the world's best - Dr. Michael Granberry, of the Lasik Vision Institute of Phoenix and the Lasik Spa in Los Angeles ( I can't tell you enough how hospitable his entire staff is, and how expert they are at making you feel comfortable.
No, it doesn't hurt, and the procedure takes only about ten minutes on average, but anytime you are in apprehension of somebody poking around in your body, especially when you are awake, and in your eyeballs nonetheless, there is a level of fearful anticipation that you just cannot deny. Dr. Granberry has a very gentle aura that diffuses that fear. (If I could just have Dr. Granberry there with me on the lifting platform...). Dr. Granberry, I've thanked you already, but I truthfully cannot thank you enough. So, thank you over and over and over again and again and again.


JC said...

huh. i know another female bber that made the trip to phoenix from the east coast for that. he must give female bber discounts or something, huh?

Kate Baird said...
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JC said...

? what was that? :)