Monday, April 02, 2007

squats are on

I'm finally over the 170 lb. threshold, and boy! Do I feel like a TANK...I was up to 171 and a half the other day.
Squatted yesterday, on a Sunday afternoon, just to throw ourselves off the norm of usual Monday eves. I hadn't had anything over 405 on my back since weeks before the New Year.
435 was ridiculously easy. I just told somebody that if I can't pull off a 455 at the meet, then I am going to go bury my head in the sand.

To make up for the lack of reps in my squat, they made me do a 40+ rep set of leg presses...ooooo! My upper glutes got to burning again where I couldn't find a comfortable spot to put them at ease. I'm working on the "shelf butt" effect!

We trained at Midway Fitness Center, here in Rehoboth Beach. Marti, the owner, just invested in a super duty power cage, and I am in love with this thing. Who cares about men when you can have a super duty power cage instead?
B just started working at Midway, so we'll be performing our circus act there from time to time.
It is a well equipped gym, save for the fact that the dumbells only go up to 125's, otherwise lots of good equipment. There are numerous older Nautilus machines, that are fantastic machines, and they should have never stopped manufacturing some of them. Nothing compares to the Nautilus multi-exercise machine, the decline chest, the duo-squat, to name a few. Midway is a nice place to train at when you are visiting lovely Rehoboth Beach DE.

JC - keep your comments coming, I love them!


JC said...

Well, I send a few via email :)

170 now! What is your goal?

Christine said...

Who cares about men when you can have a super duty power cage instead?

That's right!