Thursday, May 17, 2007

9 and 1/2 weeks

The lighting is not very good, but here I am at nine and a half weeks out - that reminds me, I should send in my entry fee, thanks....

Good news - the Power Goddess is on the upswing again! Still not quite up to where I was, however 275 paused was easy as pie, as they say somewhere or another - I was going to do two, but I did not want to spoil that moment. It has been awhile since 275 went up like that. Like SMOKE!!!I did a static with 295 for 10 seconds, no sinking - EGADS!!!That should be a contest right there. How much weight can one hold for how long without sinking the bar?

Oh, that's right, I'm supposed to be talking about muscle shapes and sizes and definition and vascularity because I'm in bodybuilding mode. HAH!!!! Hanging about 163 with about 9 and a half percent bodyfat.
155 is the goal, and I'm on target - diet wise I am ahead of the schedule, but that's because I have some time scheduled to go off the diet ( stay tuned). I was noticing, by looking at some pictures of me, and how could one NOT notice - how friggin' developed my gluteus medius is -

as well as my lower back. The judges are sure to hate that! I also noticed how wide my leg biceps are - I was wondering why I could never get that look where from the rear you see the quads flair out beyond the hamstring so big and full on some women - because my hamstrings are wiiiiiiiiiide - and peaked low. I'm just a different breed of body.

That's just what they call a "teaser" there from my new gallery from my Members' Section.We spent a lovely afternoon in beautiful Cape Henlopn Park last Sunday. OK,so it was public nudity, and illegal, but we got some really good shots. If you ever get to southern Delaware, do not miss Cape Henlopen State Park. It's a real treasure. We go there often for photoshoots, and never run out of scenery.


Christine said...

You're training for bodybuilding and powerlifting at the same time? Sheesh, I thought I was crazy doing GS and powerlifting!

JC said...

9 and 1/2 weeks.....great movie...lets go to the fridge...LOL