Thursday, May 31, 2007

Doing Cartwheels -

I decided that since I had no powerlifting meets to worry about in the near future, and with the way things have been going, I was in the mood to think that perhaps I may not ever step back on to the platform again.... so i thought, why not just play around with some different things in the bench press, and just see what happens. No pressures, no worries...I made one adjustment, changed one lil' ol' thing, and BAM! This is it - why have I not experimented with this before???!!!! Should I kick myself or be ecstatic? Should I berate myself for not trying this before or should I shout out to the Heavens that I've fucking finally got it???? !!!! I think the answer is that I'll do some cartwheels and dance and jump up and down. If I could only go backward a few days and do this on the platform.... What did I do?you ask - I'll elaborate another day, just rest assured that I have FINALLY FUCKING GOT IT! I GUARANTEE it will show in my performance. EEEEEEHAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I have been so tired, so friggin' exhausted lately. When I diet my sleep suffers dramatically. Then there is this other stress coming in and slapping me around. I figured if I could get 225 off of my chest for one or two I'd be happy. I managed 225 for 8 and a half, PAUSED ( don't think I could do a bench press now without pausing)....then 245 for 6...then 225 for 6 or 7....and they were PERFECT, beautiful - can you tell I'm all warm and fuzzy???? Now I'm so excited I just want to scrap the Masters and push forward and get on the platform again and prove that I CAN bench 300. But fret not, my darling bodybuilding fans - I'll plug along, and step on stage on July 21. I've already sunk too much time and money and effort into this to turn back.

I am freaking because with the nutritional and supplemental changes I have made this go 'round, I am holding an ocean of, make that TWO oceans of water under my skin. Last night, retention was so severe that it hurt. Have you ever experienced that? It makes you feel like you are going to just start trembling and jump out of your own skin. I miss my usual dryness.... all this to MAYBE please the judges and MAYBE get recognition for my efforts. I will guarentee you that I will be the best that I can be. I'll like me - you all will probably like me, so there ya go!

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JC said...

well, who wouldn't like you?????