Thursday, May 03, 2007


I'm not so sure my bench sucks, I think it's just kind of a "burn out" phase...not that I mean "just", as those who know me will attest to the fact that this kind of thing really wigs me out, but I keep working and trying and overcompensating and it leads me into that big sink hole called "burn out".
I'm trying new things on the bench, as well as the squat. I did a "static pause" with 275 for 10 friggin' seconds! I didn't let it sink into my chest at all, I held it very well, thank you, but pushing it up after 10 seconds certainly was not possible.

I LOVE playing with the kettle bells! Used them for lateral raises and triceps overhead extensions. Using variations of standard dumbells and barbells is great for a variation on muscle fiber stress. There was a time that I was in Puerto Rico for a month. I stayed in a cute little house with a big oceanfront yard. Behind a shed in the yard I found some poles, some cinder blocks, and some buckets, and some rocks. I'd put the cinder blocks on the poles and used that for the barbell. I filled the buckets with water and rocks, and some with sand. They were my dumbells.

JC wants to know what color Kool-Aid I drink? I like all kinds, yesterday was orange. My favorite is lemonade. I am a lemonade and limeade freak. Fresh squeezed lemonade just properly sweetened is to die for on a hot summer day. Kool-Aid gives me the sugar that I need quickly upon rising in the morning.

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JC said...

glad you are feeling good!