Monday, May 21, 2007

Improvments -

Not much to elaborate on concerning Monday's training. It was "bodybuilder" style training with GW...just work, hard work - it was not a squat night, we chose Smith Machine lunges on a box - good stuff. They are like one legged squats. You are supposed to use the box to your advantage and go deeeeeeep, using the hamstring to power you up. Pant pant wheeze...I cut my total volume back tonight, for certain reasons, but it didn't matter. The pump and leaden feeling in my legs was outstanding. Those lunges really did the trick.
I've got a touch of that "thing" that is going around - my son and his friend both had it last week, hence my contracting it from them. It's been coming on since last week, and now the fever is confirming it.
B took some progress pics of me, with just a little less than 9 weeks, but they are very blurry. I'll put up a couple, but keep in mind that they are blurry...ok, like you wouldn't notice the blurriness, duhhh...
Biggest improvements in my physique - at 9 weeks there is distinct leg definition, whereas it took much, much, much longer to appear last couple of times. AND, my quads are definitely bigger. I did measure them, but I take bodybuilder stats with a grain of salt, as most of them do lie concerning measurements and max lift poundages, so I'm not even going to elaborate - just note that they ARE bigger. You won't get by without noticing. And as I stated in an earlier post - I'm much fuller and rounder, I've got more of an hourglass shape happening this time... My biceps have come back up, too. I'm actually much more "symmetrical" ( I know that this term is erroneously used, but that's how the bodybuilding world uses it). My abs are still going to be the last thing to come in, as they always are, but they are there, waiting...and NO, I haven't trained them directly. B suggested I might do a set or two last night just for the heck of it....I scoffed at the notion.
I did a very short chest, shoulder, tricep session last night, Tuesday - I'll tell you why at a later time.
Still hanging at around 161 - 162. B thinks 5-6 pounds to go, I say 7-8.
Methinks I've almost got the draft of my posing Tool!!!

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JC said...

Tool sounds cool.

Can't wait to see the pics of the "bigger" legs. :)