Saturday, May 05, 2007

Standing straight and pulling hard

Deadlifting was interesting last night. It was the first time back deadlifting since I pulled my back out...was that four weeks ago already??? I trained alone, which made my mind set a bit more relaxed - no pressure to perform, go at my own pace. "relaxed" as I went in thinking that with the state of things, I might just back off after the first rep if it didn't feel right, and I did not expect it to at all. I made sure I warmed up until I felt ready. I decided 315 would be my first and possibly last set. I surely got the groove going right away, even though my right hand grip wasn't right. I had to reset the grip at least half of those reps. I made ten, so no telling what number that would have been had my grip been proper and I could have zipped right through. So what the heck, 365 it was, for 6. Perfect.
That's about where the energy started fizzling and the weighlifter's headache came in ( like an ice cream headache, but caused by training) I backed down instead of loading up and did another set of 10 with 315...perfect. And when I was all through deadlifting, I was still able to stand straight up, no back pain, no hip pain, no pain anywhere...
All of the work Broderick has been doing on me is just showing amazing results. I look back at pictures of myself through the years, even before training, and can see how bad my stance was. It is so different to be straight. Remarkable.
I'm still learning where my sugar intake needs to be. I was sipping on a homemeade magic sugar potion all through the session last night, and it sure made a difference in my physical state, but I still most definitely need to consume more throughout the day. Everybody else sees sugar as toxic - I thrive on it.


JC said...

so glad you are feeling good again!

Christine said...

Deads f'in rule.