Monday, May 14, 2007

Dave - chocolate cake-come and get it!!!

When you get back to Delaware Dave Kergaard, GW and I are taking you out for a big piece of chocolate cake with EXTRA whipped cream...I forget wether we are supposed to take you to Fish On or Big Fish, but it is a date when you get back, HAH!!! Counting down ---
I had a photo shoot yesterday, reviewed the photos, and I am NOT at all happy with what I look like...ooooooo! I have relegated myself to the fact that the judges will NEVER reward me...WHY? you ask - I have this physique, that collects muscle as curves, I wear my muscle so "feminine". Not such a bad thing, you say, and in reality, it is not, but heck - I could weigh 200 lbs and still look like a big figure girl. Seriously - some women, they put on as little as 5 lbs. of muscle - they look big and powerful, some look blocky, some look masculine, some look MUSCULAR. I put on 40 pounds of muscle, I look curvy. What gives? OK, not such a bad thing, but in a competitive SPORT where judges "say" they like that kind of physique, but do NOT reward it., in fact they score it DOWN..well....... Is that why I am unhappy with my physique? In part. Never mind - don't feel like elaborating on that subject any longer.
GW and I had another kick butt workout session. I used up all of what I had to give. We squatted. My second session with the wide stance. I went even wider this time than last time. This extra wide stance allows me to go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. That is good. I am still having trouble remembering to thrust forward instead of blasting up. When I get that down I think this stance will allow me to hoist great numbers. We did slooooooow hacks after that, slooooow leg curls, and then Hammer machine single leg deadlifts. Oy Vey!!!!
I like training with GW very much. He's a good guy, and motivated, and SICK!!! I miss B, but I think he'll be training with us in a few days...I hope.


JC said...

you hold your muscle incredibly well. trust me, you look AMAZING.

Kate Baird said...

Keep pumping on my ego darling JC!!

JC said... YOUR ego need any more pumping.....LOL